Chonlaprathan  Rang Srit temp

Nonthaburi , Thailand

Size Area

Park     44,800 sq.m. (28 Rails)

Road   1.57 km ( 29.4 Rails)



Master Planning

Landscape Design


Project Status

Completed March 2017

Chonlaprathan Rangsrit Temple

Chonlaprathan Rangsrit Temple is a peaceful temple located in the Nonthaburi. Its multi-purpose bamboo shade compound is always popular with Buddhists who come to offer food to the monks and listen to the sermons given by the abbot, Phra Thep Wisutthi Methi (Panya Nandha Bhikku). The temple are the center for the communities and Bangkok with the lush green space for the activities for the monks and meditators. Before renovation the temple facing a problem of the zoning management and the car parking around decrease the important of the main church. Laan Hin Kong is not enough to serve the people who wants to listen to the sermons and make merit and these problem effected to the temple.



Landscape Architect



Architectural Design

Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts Co,. Ltd.



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