Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok, Thailand

Size Area

Park     44,800 sq.m. (28 Rails)

Road   1.57 km ( 29.4 Rails)



Master Planning

Landscape Design


Project Status

Completed March 2017

World Landscape Architecture

Award of Excellence (Built Large)

ASLA Professional Award 2019

Honor Award (General Design)

ASA AD Award 2018

Architecture of the Year

ICONIC Architecture Award 2019

Best of Best (Public/Culture/Education)

Architecture Masterprize 2019

Winner (Public Space)

TALA Professional Award 2018

Award of Excellence (Public Space)


Property Management of Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn Centenary Park is designed to face future uncertainties of climate change. The design concept inclines the entire park to create a container for water: the raised green roof directs runoff water through sloped rain gardens, filtered in the constructed wetland, and then to the retention pond. The park’s mid-lawn is a detention area, allowing space for flooding and retention pond overflow. The park treats water from neighboring areas by sending it through the wetland filtration system.


Centenary Park is an open area with activated edges. Contained landscape “rooms”, like an herb garden, meditation walk, and reading area, sit adjacent to filtration ponds to line the main lawn.

Extending the park design into the neighborhood, a major adjacent roadway was reduced from four to two lanes in favor of widened pedestrian walkways and new bike lanes. The walkways connect directly to paths in the park, creating a seamless pedestrian experience. Linear rain gardens, with a multitude of native plants, line the road to absorb water.




Landscape Architect



Architectural Design

N7A architects Co,. Ltd.

Structural Engineering

(CASE) Civil And Structural Engineers Co.,Ltd.


MEP Engineering

EEC Engineering Network Co., Ltd. (EEC)


Main Contractor

Syntec Construction PCL.


Construction Manager



Softscape Contractor

CORDIA Co., Ltd.


Graphic Designer

G49 Co.,Ltd.



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