Thammasat Urban Rooftop Farm by LANDPROCESS

11 May 2020

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Thanks LANDPROCESS for authorizing the publication of the project on mooool. Text description provided by LANDPROCESS.


LANDPROCESS:  在环境日趋恶化的危机中,粮食和水资源的短缺对人类文明造成了巨大威胁。在城市化的进程中未合理分配农业种植区域,曼谷和其他东南亚的城市已沦落为进程中的受害者,曾经拥有丰富粮食来源的农业社会一去不复返。到2050年,世界80%的人口将生活在城市。为了确保全球粮食安全,并优先考虑人类和环境健康,城市必须合理利用废弃的城市空间高效和可持续地生产粮食。

设计师通过再利用236806平方英尺的废弃屋顶,设计了一个亚洲最大的有机屋顶农场 —— 萨玛萨特城市屋顶农场(TURF)来帮助国立法政大学提出并实施了一个解决城市化造成的粮食和水资源短缺问题的方案。并将现代景观建筑与传统水稻梯田的农业创意结合,为校园创造了一个综合循环经济,融合了可持续食品生产、可再生能源、有机废物、水资源管理和所有的公共空间。

LANDPROCESS:  Amidst the climate crisis, food and water scarcity pose tremendous threats to human civilization. Once abundant agrarian societies rich with food sources, Bangkok and cities across Southeast Asia have become victims of unregulated urbanization on rice-producing regions, pushing food sources further away from cities and their consumers. By 2050, 80 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. To ensure global food security, and prioritize human and environmental health, cities must utilize wasted urban spaces to produce food efficiently and sustainably.

Repurposing 236,806 sq. ft. of wasted rooftop space, the landscape architect helped Thammasat University envision and implement a climate solution with Asia’s largest organic rooftop farm—Thammasat Urban Rooftop Farm (TURF). Integrating modern landscape architecture with the agricultural ingenuity of traditional rice terraces, TURF creates an inclusive circular economy for the campus, incorporating sustainable food production, renewable energy, organic waste, water management and public space for all.



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