Siriraj Hospice Center


Bangyai, Nonthaburi


Size Area

92,150 sq.m. (58 Rails)



Master planning,

Landscape architecture


Project Status

Under Construction

Faculty of Medicine

Siriraj Hospital

Mahidol University


Siriraj Hospice Center is the first hospice center in Thailand, introducing the idea of palliative care for terminally ill patients to the country. Landprocess partnered with Arsom Silp Architects to design a masterplan for the center’s campus.


The landscape is a healing environment, a meditative experience to help calm the mind and the body. The landscape is organized by zones related to the five Buddha elements, each corresponding to a direction: wind (north), water (east), earth (south), fire (west), and space (center). In each zone, space and material aligns with the associated element. In the west zone, red plantings refer to the element of fire. In the south zone, earth walls refer to the earth element.


The masterplan responds to the site’s frequent flooding by creating, through a cut-and-fill system, berms along the edge of the site, and a retention pond in the center of the landscape. The site’s edges become like a forest, allowing users to focus their experience on the internal landscape.ital

Mahidol University


Landscape Architect



Architectural Design

Arsomsilp  Institute of the Arts


Interior Design 



Structural Engineering

Degree System Co., Ltd


MEP Engineering

TPM Consultants Co.,Ltd


Graphic Designer

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