Siam Square One


Pathumwan, Bangkok


Size Area

70,000 sq. m.


Landscape Architecture


Project Status

Completed July 2014

Property Management of Chulalongkorn University

The 50th year of Siam Square, the first open street mall of Bangkok, is the best known location for shopping, youngster at all ages meeting place and the happening events of Bangkok. With the high demand of use in space, the existing roll houses are no longer suit the rapid growth of the city and the interchange of BTS at Siam Station. However, the uniqueness of being the first horizontal open mall is the key to the design concept. Deriving the Siam Square One, the vertical open mall of Siam Square, is the first beginning of vertical development in Siam Square.

                With the concept of open-air vertical shopping mall, the landscape component significantly becomes part of creating the project character. The vertical open voids of each building become spaces to make a place within. Through dialogue of urban and open-air architecture, the landscape is the interval area of use and experience. The integration of green area as a reflective urban ecology patches have been designed to located in many transitional spaces of the SQ-ONE architecture.

                From architectural gesture, natural light becomes a critical element of landscape and planting design. With the changing of natural light, the seasonal change, the colorful milieu have been introduce to SQ-ONE as Summer court, Rainy court and winter court.

                In the location of mass transit and multi-mode of intermodal, the connectivity to surrounding urban fabric is a crucial concern to the project. The ramp connects from BTS Siam Station, the pedestrians of Siam Square and the main artery of the city, the Rama 1st Road. All these connections are reflecting to each plaza and open-spaces that surrounding the building. This is a great step in profession for us as landscape architects to regenerate the better surrounding urban spaces as well together with answering the quest of the city growth.

                The ending of the close high energy consuming architecture era to the open mall with touch of urban vertical landscape, the experience of walking in architecture is similar as walking on the street of Siam Square, yet the uniqueness of open court vertical ambient of SQ-ONE has up the happening of Siam Square. The green space of landscape helps this vertical shopping mall to feel like you walk on ground with landscape in every level.


Architectural Design

Spacetime Architects Co., Ltd.

​Landscape Design


Construction Management

P.PSN Co., Ltd.

Structure Engineering

Post Engineering

M&E Engineering

Plan Engineering

Graphic Design


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